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How to Solve HP Accessory Center Bluetooth Connectivity issue on MacOS

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What you will learn: This article is based on issue I face on my iMac for connecting HP’s 430 Series wireless mouse to their HP Accessory Center App. and will help you fixed bluetooth connectivity issue on Mac.

My Story: I bought this new product of HP which had features like programmable button. I was first time user of programmable mouse products. So got excited and purchased it as previous mouse was not clicking properly.

Next day it arrives and I opened the box and started using it. I go into bluetooth settings of Mac and I get connected as per user manual.

Next step I went to download “HP Accessory centre app”. Once downloaded I open and was ready to setup my mouse buttons.

The first thing I saw was it was getting stuck in bluetooth loop when I clicked on my model. it was showing same bluetooth setting window on Mac but it was already connected.

So I am a developer and thought to debug this app. I went on some research debugging and found that HP Accessory Center application was having some error accessing control of Mac OS system settings under the name of QML.

So here’s the video on how I get to solve my issue.

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